If you like to learn, To read, and to advance yourself…

If you are the kind of person that likes to read, learn for yourself, learn at your own pace, or who likes to re-visit material, but prefer to always have it with you or to have a digital copy, we’ve got you covered! After publishing a book via Lulu, where you can order a hard copy online, we got a lot of requests for a digital E-Book version. And we listened!

Now you can order a PDF Copy of Stan’s At-scene Crash Investigation in PDF Format – delivered right to your inbox! No more waiting, items lost in the mail, international courier charges, or people borrowing your book. This is an E-Book you want to keep with you!

Protect yourself!

This E-Book was compiled with passion by an author that has experience at thousands of scenes and in hundreds of courts of all levels. By leveraging on his experience, Stanley Bezuidenhout took the most important aspects of at-scene crash investigation and compiled it into this one, condensed work, for your benefit. The goal and objective of this E-Book are to ensure that any person who might investigate a collision would do so properly and completely. Over the years, Stan has trained thousands of police-, fire-, traffic- and ambulance personnel and corporate and private clients on the proper at-scene and post-event investigation of collisions.
But everyone cannot afford to take time off work, to risk a loss in production, or to pay for personal training. For this purpose, this E-Book was written to make it possible for anyone – from inexperienced road users to scholars and even fleet owners and law enforcement officers – to ensure that they are informed enough to gather the most important evidence at crash scenes.

The E-Book is designed to educate, inform, and guide, but cannot ever replace experience or formal education. If you read this entire E-Book, you will be in a much better position to protect yourself, to investigate your own or a friend or colleague’s collision, or to collect evidence that can assist in court or with your insurance claim. If you are the kind of person that can read this E-Book front-to-back, great for you. Most people are rather lazy to read, or they simply do not have the time to do it. For this purpose, you need to discipline yourself a bit and to ensure that you make an intentional effort to read this E-Book – it may just save you enormous inconvenience or reduce your liability, in the future.

For those preferring structured tuition, those wishing to make a career out of crash investigation and wanting to get more serious or wanting certificates, this E-Book also forms the basis of an on-line training series offered by IBF Investigations. The training is designed specifically to take people through a series of modules, following the same topics as this E-Book, to ensure that candidates properly understand every aspect of crash investigation. The investigation training is the best way to cement the knowledge contained in this E-Book and to achieve certification in Crash Investigation.

To benefit from this E-Book, it is best used in conjunction with our online training, available through the UDEMY tuition service. To attend our course, please visit and search for the Author: Stanley Bezuidenhout. You will come across at least two courses that you could attend. From Udemy, you will also be issued with a certificate of completion.

More content! Great Topics!

In this E-Book, newly updated for 2021, we cover many topics, including:

  • Choosing the right equipment!
  • Taking emergency Calls!
  • Keeping Proper Investigation Records!
  • Crime Scene Awareness!
  • Using Cellular Technologies!
  • Marking of Evidence!
  • Scene Photography!
  • Vehicle Photography!
  • Mistakes to avoid!
  • And more, more, more!


In this Manual, you will also receive a SPEED CALCULATION CHART that will allow you to easily determine vehicle speeds from skid marks, in seconds and without doing any math! While proper reconstruction can never be replaced by charts, we are often asked this very question:

If a vehicle skids 30m on a dry road, before hitting another car – how fast was it going?

With the included chart, you can simply look up the surface and the skid distance, and immediately see a range of possible MINIMUM speeds if a collision was involved, or MAXIMUM speeds if 4-wheel braking lockup was not involved.

Over time, Stan started presenting courses all over South Africa and even abroad. As the quality of the IBF training and the practical nature of the courses became known, Stan started attracting international students from as far away as Malaysia, the Middle East and even the USA. As more and more delegates attended the courses, Stan started receiving regular requests for additional training, longer courses, more detail, and more advanced subjects.

While some people invariably have the time and inclination to read and while some even have a romantic affiliation for physical paper books, there are people who can simply not find the time to sit down and read. Others find it more difficult to internalize the contents of written works as easily as they do from personal presentations.

Acknowledging this, Stan realized that a hybrid solution had to be developed, so he started presenting our candidates with a copy of DIY Accident Investigation (2nd edition), published via LuLu, when they attend any of his courses. This led to a deeper appreciation and internalization of the methods and processes used in the field, at real crash scenes.

As much as the books were available to those who could not attend classes and as much as Stan was able to share his knowledge through training, he was constantly reminded of the many reasons why clients and delegates were unable to benefit from practical training offers.

Why an E-Book?

Many clients and delegates missed out on the opportunity to learn for some very understandable reasons.

The reasons most often heard from potential delegates and clients feeling at a loss for missing out on practical courses, included:

  • Direct Cost of Longer Courses
  • Cost of Transport, Accommodation, Meals and Car Rental
  • Demanding Work Schedules
  • Inability to get leave to attend
  • Other commitments
  • Shortage of stand-in staff
  • Unsuitable Schedules (day vs night classes)
  • Loss of income during attendance

There were many delegates and clients that were missing out on the opportunity to learn how to thoroughly investigate collisions for a variety of very valid reasons. Issues like scheduling, not being able to take leave and clients not being able to release staff due to operational pressures were far more prevalent than challenges relating specifically to cost.

But even despite this, the cost of attending a practical course is affected by a variety of unmanageable factors. In addition to this, smaller attendee numbers would drive up costs and even result in the cancellation of scheduled training courses, where support was inadequate.

This is why we decided to make this Manual Available as an E-Book, exclusively sold through our own website.

Who is this for?

Any person who is involved in, who might be involved in, who must manage or who is exposed to road traffic collisions – in a personal, official, technical, operational, or legal capacity – could benefit from this E-Book. Whether you are preparing to report a collision to the police, to claim against a third party, to defend yourself against a claim, contribute to a criminal or civil trial, cross-examine a witness or consider evidence, this E-Book is an excellent foundation.

The E-Book could benefit:

  • Police, Sheriff, Trooper, METRO Police and Traffic Officers.
  • Medical-, Fire- and Rescue Workers.
  • Insurance Loss Adjusters.
  • Crash Reconstruction Specialists.
  • Collision Investigators.
  • Internal Investigators.
  • Transport Executives.
  • Private Investigators.
  • Depot Managers.
  • Fleet Managers.
  • Safety Officers.
  • Prosecutors and District Attorneys.
  • Magistrates and Judges.
  • Attorneys and Advocates.

You must read this E-Book!

While it would be completely normal for you to get a copy of this E-Book and simply to leave it on your hard drive, consider the simple fact that you will probably not need it, until you really need it.

When you do, you will not have the time to “run back home” or to read every word in detail. This is a basic guide, but the risk you are exposed to when you are involved in a collision is far greater if you are not familiar with the layout of this E-Book. You could even keep it handy, on your phone!

Many people hate to read, others would like to but never get the time and you might be one of those that are just simply too busy for it. For this purpose, you are urged to take the time to read this E-Book, beginning-to-end, at least once per year. To make this easier, all effort was made to be as concise and to the point as possible. This E-Book would be of no value if it were a detailed 300-page reference work. It would also then probably only be read by people that are already expert crash investigators in any event.

So, consider this “light reading” and enjoy the contents. It will benefit you, for sure.

If you are going to buy this E-Book, try your best to carry it with you or to keep it on your phone, and to read it at every opportunity you get until you have read it completely. Then keep it close at hand. Print a copy, if you can, and store it in your “Accident kit,” in your vehicle glove compartment, or in your briefcase. Whatever you do – keep it close.

This is an E-Book you would rather have read and never need than a need but not ever have read. Speak to anyone you know who has been involved in a road traffic collision, show them this E-Book, and ask them if they could have used it when they were. Ask them if they could have benefited from it. Chances are they would have.

Even police officers, traffic officers, “collision investigators,” insurance loss adjusters (assessors), and company fleet managers can benefit from following the steps in this E-Book. If you are committed to your own safety, you would realize that you could be involved in a crash at any time and acknowledge that you would probably need to “cover your bases, just in case,” so you would be well served to spend the time it takes to read this E-Book.

If you own, manage, or operate a fleet, you will likely know the risks associated with the transport industry. The industry is very volatile, and you can only mitigate some of the risks and manage others. This E-Book might help you do just that.

How do I order?

No Credit Card Required! All you have to do, to receive your copy, is to visit the Order Page and fill in your details. We will e-mail you an invoice and you can pay via EFT at your leisure. As soon as your payment is received we will rush your E-Book to you, directly via E-mail. No shipping, handling, courier, or insurance required!

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