Crash-, Crime-, and Fire Investigation Software

After years, using a variety of different products and technologies, for the purpose of crash and crime scene sketching, documenting, illustration, presentation, and animation, we have eventually arrived at the FARO family of solutions. Not only does the software enable you to accurately sketch, capture, illustrate, present, and animate a variety of scene types, as outlined below, but also the hardware enables you to capture, measure, and model for direct import.

Here are just some of the features of this wonderful range of products:

Crash Reconstruction Software

Crash reconstruction is the ultimate detective work, essentially reverse engineering the elements of a scene to determine the cause of a crash. That includes the physical science and forensics behind the incident. In high-traffic, high-volume locations under what can be punishing natural conditions, quickly collecting, and cataloguing the scene are critical to safety, preventing evidence loss, and mitigating the economic losses of closed roadways. 

Today’s forensic technology is the key to reconstructing crashes with accuracy. In fact, laser scanning solutions from FARO are transforming the law enforcement and private crash reconstruction professions. The technology gathers the evidence quickly and efficiently by creating 3D point clouds of on-scene information that can be uploaded immediately and shared among various team members in the investigative process.

Fast, Accurate Crime Scene Forensics

A crime might occur in only seconds or minutes, but those critical moments generate valuable forensic information. From blood or impact spatter to bullet defects, everything must be faithfully and carefully documented. And when the control or integrity of the crime scene is dependent on other factors, it’s critical to capture and process crime scene evidence as completely as possible the first time.

Increasingly, 3D scanning and reality capture is providing the thorough, data-driven documentation that investigators need when analyzing an arson crime scene or other crime site.

By storing the information digitally, forensic investigators can review even the most minute details, share that information with fellow team members, and return to the virtual scene of the crime again and again to evaluate the evidence.

Generating Fast, Accurate Fire Investigation Reports

Intentionally set fires cause millions of dollars of damage and disrupt the lives of those directly and indirectly impacted. Whether the scene is a building, car or other environment, conducting a fire cause investigation is a time-critical task.  

Capturing an accurate 3D representation of the scene allows arson investigators to evaluate fine details in their search for evidence. As in crash and crime scene investigation, 3D laser scanning and reality capture are proving the way forward in safely and efficiently gathering vital on-scene information while reducing exposure times to hazardous environmental toxins.

Trial Presentation Software for Building a Solid Case

In the last 30 years, the technology used for presenting evidence in court has advanced considerably.

Instead of static diagrams, printouts of charts and still photography, today’s sophisticated computer software, combined with advanced 2D and 3D scanning solutions, can accurately recreate the crime scene and events surrounding a particular case. With these tools, jurors feel as if they’ve returned to the scene of the crime and experience the actual events as they unfolded. 

From up-close details to stunning 3D flyovers, in the high-stakes atmosphere of the courtroom, compelling arguments are built on accurate and objective data. Industry-leading software and hardware from FARO are paving the way to more successful outcomes.

The Foundation of Your Pre-incident Plan

In the public safety arena, anticipating how to react to incidents before they occur is the best way to protect people and property.

That’s because the more you know about a site layout and its internal structures, the faster your response time will be if the unfortunate happens. 

Traditionally, blueprints and photography were the principal tools for developing site-specific safety plans and documentation for emergency responders.

Today’s technology, including 2D and 3D scanning, means less reliance on methods that may not conform to the structure’s as-built conditions. It’s the best way to provide emergency personnel with the information they need to act quickly, save lives and reduce property damage.

Clarity for Industrial Incident Investigations

When a structure collapses or a piece of equipment explodes, the line between human error and mechanical failure can sometimes be difficult to ascertain.

FARO reality capture solutions can assist the investigator with failure analysis. Safety professionals in both the public and private sectors use FARO Focus Laser Scanners and other failure investigation tools to capture the forensic details of a scene — debris dispersion and fragmentation patterns — as part of their investigation.

Data captured accurately, safely and quickly at the scene becomes powerful documentation to compare against pre-incident planning documents, verify investigation details, build presentations and share as evidence.

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