ACTIVE ATTACKER AWARENESS to the world of active attacker awareness. You might be forgiven for considering this an “American problem.” We think this line of thinking is extremely dangerous! To this, we have authored a FREE Ebook that covers this issue, raises awareness, and explains why we think this is an imminent threat, right here in South Africa, that can not be ignored any longer.

The Authors

With years of experience working alongside prestigious security forces such as the South African Police Special Task Force, Tactical Intervention Units, METRO Police Drug Interdiction Units, and retired US Secret Service Specialists, Stanley possesses a vast range of expertise in Military Intelligence, Operational Policing, and Crime Scene Investigation. 

His proficiency in Tactical Asset Assessment, Operational Planning, and Target Hardening has enabled him to gain valuable experience in Attacker Dissuasion, High-Risk Warrant Planning and Execution, and Training. 

Stanley recognized the pressing need to extend his services to institutions of education, the most vulnerable physical and human assets in society, due to the escalating incidence of active attacker events and mass casualty incidents in South Africa. 

By leveraging his wealth of knowledge and experience, Stanley aims to enhance the security and safety of educational institutions and their stakeholders.

Heinrich has over 30 years of experience in the security and risk environment, starting in the South African Police Force where he served in high-risk teams and Tactical Intervention Groups. 

After leaving the force, he worked as a National Security Manager and managed a large security company’s branch. 

During this time, he provided close protection training and served as a security advisor for a school’s governing body for three years. He also worked as a Regional Security Manager, providing security risk assessment and mitigation in hostile environments across Africa. 

Hein holds various qualifications, including in Police Administration, Human Resource Management, Project Management, and Team Leadership Development, as well as being a qualified assessor, Close Protection Officer, and advance firearm instructor.

In their eBook, Stan and Hein address the issue of active attacker awareness from the perspective of example cases, profiling, and risk. Their insights and guidance offer a vital resource for those seeking to protect themselves and their communities from potential threats. With their unique blend of real-world experience, tactical expertise, and commitment to education and training, they are regarded as visionaries in active attacker awareness, in South Africa.

Stan Bezuidenhout and Hein Badenhorst’s decision to write this eBook specifically for the South African market stems from their deep concern about the escalating incidence of violence and active attacker events in the country. They recognized the urgent need to extend their expertise and services to institutions of education, which they consider the most vulnerable physical and human assets in society.

Drawing from their extensive international experience and collaboration with prestigious security forces, Stan and Hein have come to a sobering realization. They firmly believe that active attacks will not remain isolated to any particular region, such as the United States. The global nature of these incidents, combined with the prevailing social, ideological, and psychological factors, suggests that no country is immune to the threat of active attacks.

Based on their comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play, Stan and Hein assert that a major active attack event in a South African school is imminent. Their expertise, coupled with a realistic assessment of the prevailing risks, leads them to the sobering conclusion that urgent action is needed to mitigate this imminent threat. They consider it vital to raise awareness and equip educational institutions, stakeholders, and the broader community with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent and respond effectively to such an event.

Stan Bezuidenhout and Hein Badenhorst’s motivation to write this eBook specifically for the South African market is rooted in their deep concern for the safety and security of schools and communities in the country. Their international experience and understanding of the global nature of active attacks have led them to conclude that South Africa is at imminent risk of a mass-casualty active attack in a school setting. By addressing this pressing issue and offering practical guidance, they aim to enhance awareness, preparedness, and ultimately, the safety of educational institutions and their stakeholders in South Africa.