Crash-, Crime-, and Fire Investigation Software

After extensive experimentation with various products and technologies for the purpose of sketching, documenting, illustrating, presenting, and animating crash and crime scenes, I have finally discovered the FARO family of solutions. This exceptional software not only enables you to create precise sketches, captures, illustrations, presentations, and animations for a range of scene types, as described below, but also allows you to capture, measure, and model for direct import, thanks to its hardware capabilities.

Here are just some of the features of this wonderful range of products:

Crash Reconstruction Software

Crash reconstruction is a complex and detailed process involving the meticulous analysis and reverse engineering of a crash scene to determine its cause. This requires an in-depth understanding of physical science and forensics to gather and analyze evidence. In busy, high-traffic locations, it is essential to quickly and thoroughly document the scene to ensure safety, prevent evidence loss, and minimize the economic impact of road closures.

Advanced forensic technology plays a crucial role in achieving accurate crash reconstructions. FARO’s laser scanning solutions are revolutionizing the law enforcement and private crash reconstruction industries. The technology rapidly and efficiently captures on-scene information by generating precise 3D point clouds, which can be instantly uploaded and shared among various members of the investigative team. With FARO’s cutting-edge technology, crash reconstruction professionals can efficiently and accurately reconstruct crash scenes, helping to provide clarity and insight into the events leading up to an incident.

Fast, Accurate Crime Scene Forensics

In the investigation of a crime, every moment is critical in capturing valuable forensic information, from blood or impact spatter to bullet defects. Thus, it is crucial to meticulously document every aspect of the crime scene with utmost accuracy and care, particularly when other factors impact the scene’s control or integrity.

To that end, 3D scanning and reality capture technologies have become increasingly instrumental in providing comprehensive, data-driven documentation for arson or other crime scenes. By storing this information digitally, forensic investigators can thoroughly review even the minutest details, collaborate with their team members and revisit the virtual crime scene repeatedly to analyze and evaluate the evidence.

Generating Fast, Accurate Fire Investigation Reports

Intentionally set fires can have devastating consequences, causing millions of dollars in damages and disrupting the lives of individuals both directly and indirectly affected. Conducting a thorough fire cause investigation is crucial in such instances, whether the scene is a building, vehicle, or any other environment.

An accurate 3D representation of the scene can be pivotal in aiding arson investigators in evaluating minute details in their search for evidence. Similar to crash and crime scene investigation, 3D laser scanning and reality capture technologies are emerging as effective methods for safely and efficiently gathering critical on-scene information while minimizing exposure to hazardous environmental toxins.

Trial Presentation Software for Building a Solid Case

Over the past three decades, the methods for presenting evidence in court have undergone significant technological advancements. Rather than relying on static diagrams, printed charts, and still photographs, the integration of advanced computer software with cutting-edge 2D and 3D scanning solutions now enable precise and authentic recreations of the crime scene and associated events. These tools allow jurors to experience the actual events as they unfolded and provide a more immersive and compelling experience. 

With the ability to capture fine details and offer stunning 3D flyovers, presenting accurate and objective data in the high-pressure environment of the courtroom has never been more critical. FARO, a leader in software and hardware technology, is at the forefront of these advancements and paving the way towards more successful outcomes.

The Foundation of Your Pre-incident Plan

In the realm of public safety, proactive preparation is crucial for safeguarding both individuals and assets. By anticipating potential incidents, emergency response teams can take swift and effective action to minimize harm and mitigate damage.

In the past, blueprints and photography were the primary means of developing site-specific safety plans for first responders. However, these methods often failed to accurately reflect the current as-built conditions of a structure.

Fortunately, advancements in technology, such as 2D and 3D scanning, offer a more reliable approach to developing emergency plans. By providing accurate and up-to-date information on site layout and internal structures, this technology enables emergency personnel to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency, potentially saving lives and reducing property damage.

Clarity for Industrial Incident Investigations

In instances where a structure has collapsed or a piece of equipment has exploded, the cause of the incident may not always be clear-cut, and determining whether human error or mechanical failure was the primary factor can be challenging.

FARO’s reality capture solutions, including the FARO Focus Laser Scanners and other specialized tools, can assist investigators in performing failure analysis. Professionals in both the public and private sectors rely on FARO’s state-of-the-art equipment to capture forensic details at the scene of an incident, including debris dispersion and fragmentation patterns.

The data collected through these tools is accurate, safe, and quickly captured, enabling investigators to produce powerful documentation that can be compared against pre-incident planning documents, verify investigation details, build compelling presentations, and be shared as evidence.

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