Over the last 20 years, we have provided Practical Training to a large variety of people, departments, and corporations. While there are training courses available that are presented essentially as “training-in-a-box,” we prefer to respond directly to the practical needs of the groups we interact with. A law enforcement officer does not have the same interest in a crash or crime investigator that an insurance loss adjuster or assessor might have. Equally, a Government Department will have completely different interests from a Heavy Commercial Transporter, when investigating their own incidents.

 Some individuals are able to commit a week or more to practical training, but some corporations cannot release key employees for more than a day or two, for training. How you train people with some experience and their own equipment is also completely different from how you train people with no training, experience, or equipment. An Insurance Assessor might be more interested in photographic techniques and a protocol that will allow them to better assess quantum (the cost of repairs) while a Rental Company might want their internal assessors to focus more on the potential fall-out of a civil claim and the legal aspects of merit (how the accident happened).

When we consider a training course, we prefer to get information about the people, groups, entities, market segment, vehicle types under consideration, prior experience, equipment, and duration of availability of attendees, before committing to dates, locations, or training fees. Sometimes, the groups will be smaller, and there will be travel involved, but at other times there might be bigger groups, available facilities, and equipment already in place.

The following are some examples of the kind of practical training we have provided in the past. If you are interested in attending one of our scheduled courses, or in us presenting a training course based on your specific needs, please reach out – we would be happy to start a dialogue towards your practical training.

Early Learning

While this is not something we see enough of, a road safety culture is best entrenched in the minds of young children. If your organization or school would like us to present road safety and crash avoidance training to the road users of tomorrow, you should talk to us.

We are of the firm opinion that the impact on the minds of our future road users, law enforcement officers, pedestrians, and employees, around the important subjects of road safety, investigation, and law, cannot be overlooked. We enjoy these interactions, and we love to see the reactions as we share interesting stories, and present understandable thinking, at this age range (6 to 16).

At-scene Training

As we travel around South Africa, and abroad, we often get opportunities to work closely with Law Enforcement Officers, at live crash scenes. Rather than jealously protecting our knowledge, skills, and experience, we love to exploit these opportunities to inform, educate, and lead active officers, in real scenes. If your department would like to engage with us, at live scenes, please contact us. We would love to find ways to share our knowledge with your officers, at live scenes.

Short Group Sessions

Sometimes existing events, conferences, seminars, and corporate training sessions allow us the unique opportunity to interact with larger groups, and to share our insights and experiences with attendees. Good examples are National or International Crash Conferences, Road Safety Conferences, Seminars, and Corporate Group Events.

If you would like us to contribute, as presenters, keynote speakers, or panelists, please reach out, give us the dates and locations of your events, and the topics or themes you would like us to address. We are always happy to share, inform, educate, and empower.

Scheduled Courses

We schedule in-house training as often as quarterly, or sometimes even more often. At these events, we pre-populate our syllabus, cover general or advanced topics, and typically arrange for wrecks or vehicles, field visits, and practical training to be part of the learning experience.

In the past, our in-house training has been very well received, attracted a variety of students, and included exciting aspects, like lamp analysis, vehicle examinations, and practical scene measurement. Please contact us if you would like us to inform you of upcoming internal training events, where anyone is welcome.

Corporate Training

Some of our Corporate Clients prefer to receive training in their own environment, at their own premises, with only their staff in attendance, since they might want to refer to actual internal cases, as part of their training package.

If you would like us to train your staff, internally, using your vehicle types, protocols, systems, experiences, and protocols as a foundation for training, please contact us, and indicate how many people you would like trained, how many days you can commit to training, and where you would like the training presented.

Hijacking Avoidance Training

Some of our corporate clients – especially those operating heavy commercial vehicles or fleets of vehicles – consider hijacking a very serious risk. Since their drivers are constantly exposed to this risk, we are often asked to do presentations to drivers, to empower them with the knowledge and skills they could benefit from, if they fall prey to a hijacking event. While we do not provide security or tactical training, because we prefer not to suggest any physical resistance, avoidance is a component that most drivers are not trained for. This training is typically no longer than 2 hours. Please contact us if you would like us to share our knowledge and experience with your drivers.

International Training

We’ve provided Training in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, and the Middle East. Equally, we have had students from Namibia, Botswana, the USA, and even from the National Crime Laboratory of Malaysia attend our training courses. 

If you would like to attend one of our in-house training courses, or if you would like us to travel to your country to provide training, please reach out and indicate your time frame, the number of people you would like trained, how many days you can spare for training, and the aspects or topics of training you are interested in exploring. We are always happy to share our knowledge, skills, and experience with those from partner nations.

Government Department Training

We have provided training to numerous South African Government Departments, Government Garage Employees, and their Internal Loss and Risk Managers. While many Government Departments operate large fleets, they are often not properly trained or equipped to handle investigations for the purpose of claims management or third-party liabilities, from a merits-perspective.

If you would like your department or division trained, please indicate the number of people you would like to include, how many days you can spare for training, and where you would like this training to take place, by sending us a message. We would be happy to provide an estimate and a department-specific syllabus.

Law Enforcement Training

Because Law Enforcement Officers operate on a prosecution mandate their approach to crash and crime investigation, their internal policies and procedures, and their departmental commitment to this field, govern their needs. If you would like to arrange Practical Training for your officers, please reach out and indicate when and where you would like training to be provided, and how many officers would be trained.

Webinar Training

The whole world has started exploring Virtual Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, and events, so it logically follows that Webinar Training would also follow. Always happy to innovate and respond to market needs, we have identified Virtual Training and a future-proof mechanism for empowerment.

While Virtual Training can never equal Practical Training, we understand and acknowledge the benefit and cost advantages, where it does work. To be included in one of our future Webinars, or to arrange for a dedicated training webinar for your company, organization, group, or team – please reach out to us, to schedule.

Custom Video Training

As corporates are becoming more cost-aware, especially on the tail of the COVID Lockdowns, and as new staff join, the need for training is ever-present, but the loss of manpower and the costs are driving them towards custom video training solutions. If you have a need for country-wide training, for the operational staff or new recruits, and cannot commit to in-person training for any reason, please speak to us about this option.

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