Why settling for less in forensic investigations could cost Transporters everything

In recent months, South Africa has seen some of the most horrific commercial crashes ever. In January, at least 5 people died when a runaway truck ploughed into parked taxis in Roodepoort. On 14 February, a bus and an armored truck collided in Limpopo, killing 20 and injuring 60. In March, a runaway truck collided with more than 50 vehicles, injuring 16 on the M41 in Durban KZN. The horrible Boksburg Tanker Explosion that happened on 24 December last year, ultimately killing over 40 people, cannot be ignored.

As transporters, you need to realize that the risk of road traffic collisions is ever-present and can happen to anyone, at any time. In our experience, a trend of repudiation is developing where insurers engage assessors who find that poor maintenance is an issue far too often. Besides the financial liabilities, loss of production, and loss of income, possible insurance repudiation, transporters cannot overlook the reputational risk they may suffer after serious crashes, even when they are not in the wrong.

Considering the seriousness of crashes of this kind, the high likelihood of this happening, and the damages that follow, engaging expert investigators is a vital step after any such incident. We propose that you make use of the services of IBF Investigations, who are the undisputed leaders in the Forensic Industry.

While “new players” have entered the field and are promising highly specialized services at unnaturally low prices, cost should not discourage you from engaging the best specialists available. It is essential that the chosen service provider is experienced, skilled, and qualified to properly present facts in a court, to withstand aggressive cross-examination, and to ensure that all facts are properly considered without bias.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it is risky to accept a lower quality investigation based on a small saving in cost:
  1. Unqualified investigators may miss critical evidence or fail to consider all aspects of the incident, leading to incomplete or inaccurate reports.
  2. Inadequate investigations may fail to uncover the root cause of the accident, resulting in the same mistakes being repeated, and potentially more lives being lost.
  3. Unskilled investigators may be unable to withstand aggressive cross-examination, leaving the report open to challenge and potential damage to the case.
  4. Reports that are not comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased may be challenged and discredited in court, leading to reputational damage for the company and the risk of legal action.
  5. Substandard investigations may overlook important aspects of the case, leading to the failure to claim for losses or to claim inadequate amounts, resulting in financial loss.

We urge you to consider the importance of engaging the best specialists available to investigate serious crashes involving your vehicles. IBF Investigations has a wealth of experience, skills, and expertise to ensure that all aspects of the case are considered and that a comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased report is produced. Contact IBF Investigations today to learn more about our services.

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We look forward to being of assistance in your risk realization events!

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