Specialized Practice Areas

We offer a wide variety of services. The following is a list of some of the services we offer most often, but by no means an exhaustive list. Our expertise has been applied mostly to crash cases, but we have also consulted on murder (hanging) matters, shooting incidents, robberies, hijackings, workplace injuries, arson matters, and others. Be sure to reach out to us and to discuss your matter. We might be able to assist. Here is the list of services we have ben offering most often, since 1999:

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Evidence Preservation

The best way to protect yourself from any risk, of either insurance claim repudiation, civil liability, or criminal prosecution, is to engage us as a service provider. By leveraging our competitive retainer fees structure, you are assured that you can call on us to proceed with an investigation, under your mandate, as soon as immediately after the collision has occurred. This also gives you access to our advice, and guidance, assistance with the compilation of claims and affidavits, and empowers you to be in the best position possible, based on the facts of the matter.


Videographic Cognitive Interrogation

For many years, government and private entities have been looking for the “silver bullet” that would enable them to “detect lies.” While polygraphs (lie detectors) are around, and while all manner of technologies and systems are constantly being developed, we have found that cognitive interviewing, caught on video, resting heavily on psychology, interrogation, and neurolinguistic programming have led to great successes and numerous confessions. By designing the interrogation and analyzing the feedback, use of language, replies, and narrative, we can isolate elements that require further analysis or even detect deception. Feel free to contact us for how we can assist in your matter.


Trial Consultation Services

Even in cases where we do not act directly in an expert witness capacity, we provide an array of trial consulting services, ranging from the preparation of cross-examination questions, based on cognitive interrogation techniques, the live interpretation of testimony, the recording of verbatim testimony for immediate feedback, and the development of legal strategies, towards the maximum engagement of witness testimony. By providing our expertise, we can assist with the detection, isolation, and development of micro-facts and minutiae of evidence that would otherwise remain obscured. Ask us about our trial consultation services.


Civil Matters

Whether you are heading to court to claim against a third party, or whether someone is claiming from you, the interpretation of merits will invariably become a key component in the trial. By engaging us as soon as possible, after the collision, you are likely to be in possession of the best physical evidence. Since Civil Matters rest heavily on the degree of liability, the dynamics can become complex. If you want a court to make its decision on the true facts of the matter, our reports are most likely to assist you, at any court level.


Criminal Matters

People often do not realize the risks they face, when they are charged criminally after a collision has occurred. When you are charged for certain types of crimes, a “good explanation” may very well not be adequate. Since most criminal charges are filed by law enforcement units, often with dedicated teams and resources, you need to be ahead of the game, when it comes to the collection, preservation and analysis of evidence, and the presentation of facts. This is where a properly experienced court expert is your best option. 


Road Accident Fund Matters

The Road Accident Fund of South Africa was established to cover the liabilities of people facing liabilities due to medical injuries caused to other road users, through their negligence in collisions. The amount of compensation achieved rests heavily on the merits of the case, while the merits rest heavily on the interpretation of evidence, facts, and the versions of the involved parties. We can assist either side in cases of this kind, through our objective analysis of merits. While we can never make any guarantees, your honesty and good evidence are our greatest assets!


Insurance Repudiations

After 20 years in the industry, we have received more repudiation appointments in the last 4 years than the total received in the 16 before. Whether you are accused of “supplying fraudulent information,” or of “failing to take steps to avoid risk,” or even “failing to maintain your vehicle in a roadworthy condition,” you need to be sure that your insurer has properly interpreted the evidence, is fully informed and motivated to honor your cover agreement. We specialize in insurance repudiation.


Commercial Collisions

Because trucks, buses, and trains are large, heavy and hard, they often cause excessive damages or cause major fatalities. Whether it’s a mere semi-truck roll-over involving a spill, or a bus crash involving tens of fatalities, this is the field in which we have the greatest experience. Because trucks and buses can be more complicated than cars and pedestrians, from an analytical perspective, you need to engage us as soon as possible, after a collision involving semi-trucks, buses, or trains.


Fatal Collisions

Wherever there is a loss of life as the result of a road traffic collision, a criminal investigation will likely follow. Even if you consider yourself the “innocent party,” you may still face criminal prosecution, since no one else can be charged. If a life is lost, you need to understand that more interest will be shown in the case, emotions will feature, and the prosecution or attending law enforcement unit will likely be under pressure to secure a conviction. If you are ever involved in a fatal collision, you should be engaging an expert immediately – whether you consider yourself to be at-fault, or not.


Vehicle Mechanical Examinations

In all kinds of road traffic collision cases, vehicle mechanical failure might feature as a possible contributor or even the cause of the collision. Unless you can factually determine whether a fault or failure was present, or whether it contributed to, or caused the collision, this could complicate insurance repudiation, civil claims, and even criminal liability, for you. It is in your best interest to ensure that your vehicle, or indeed every vehicle involved in a collision, is properly examined and documented, for any fault or cause contributions.


Vehicle Fire Examinations

Vehicles are made up of a variety of complex mechanical components that are nothing more than formed metal parts. But there are as many as thousands of parts that are made of compounds and materials that can burn, there are electrical wires all over the vehicle superstructure, and the vehicle has a variety of chemicals and fluids that might be highly flammable. When vehicles burn, most of the evidence is lost, so the interpretation of the fire propagation path, the deformation, oxidation and presence of evidence must be carefully analyzed to determine the possible cause of the fire. We have provided vehicle fire examination services since the early 2000’s, and continue to do so to this day.


Technical Fleet Audits

Many of our commercial clients face risks daily. These risks are compounded when their fleet is not operating in peak condition, at all times. Our Technical Fleet Audits are based on a fault-gravity model, superimposed onto a depot or department culture influence. By assigning a point-gravity value to each fault, flaw, or mechanical risk, our clients are immediately informed of the area of interest to focus on, when to remove a vehicle from service, or even when to consider replacing a maintenance service provider. Our model is visual, includes photography of all faults, and highlights all the shortcomings of a fleet, from minutae to regional influences.


Crime and Crash Scene Reconstruction

Crash Reconstruction is the study of how a collision occurred. What the things are that happened, that led to the collision, as it were. This effort involves the analysis of the Human-, Vehicle Mechanical-, Engineering-, Environmental-, and Anomalous Factors, to name but a few. When a road traffic collision is analyzed, some or even all of these elements could have had an impact on all the other aspects of the collision. It is our interest to determine which, and to what extent.


Videographic Animations

Some collisions are complex by design, hard to interpret, or difficult to follow – depending on the number of dynamics involved or considered. Sometimes, a collision and the prevailing dynamics are easier to illustrate with the aid of forensic animation. While this is an emerging technology, we are constantly advancing our capabilities, adding to our toolset, and developing new techniques. We use the FARO Ramge of products, allowing us to illustrate a variety of crash and crime scene animations.


3D Photogrammetric Modeling

Photogrammetry is the science of determining the position of items – normally points – in 3D Space, from photographic data or evidence. By taking photographs with a calibrated or suitable camera, in the correct way, vital evidence can be recorded, modeled and illustrated in a court of law – even when the evidence is too large to bring along, secured in place – like physical scenes – or likely to be destroyed. It is possible to model, illustrate, and present any physical evidence, from properly taken photographs alone, and to preserve the evidence in as much detail as the technology allows.

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Human Factors Matters

Whether a collision is caused by a driver who failed to look, one who looked but failed to see, one who was incapable of seeing, or one who was unable to see, the human factors in collision cases can become so complex that this could be isolated as a field on its own. Whenever the performance, actions, reactions, and decisions of drivers or victims had to be analyzed properly, our experience in this field has served us very well. If you case involve any human component, you should probably engage our services.

Street Lights

Lighting and Visibility

People tend to think of light – all light, inconsiderate of type, color, or intensity – to be nothing other than “how well we can see.” While this lay interpretation is understood, this could not be further from the truth. Considering things like Color Rendering Index, Visual Comfort of Perception, Scotopic/Photopic Ratio, Luminocity, and light distribution curves are only some of the elements we pay attention to, whenever we do a lighting or visibility analysis. Whether your collision occurred at night, in total darkness, only with vehicle headlights, or even during certain times of the day, lighting and visibility could become a relevant component in your case, then you might want to engage our services.


Video Evidence analysis

As technology advanced, more and more Video Recordings are becoming available for all reasons, ranging from social media interest to news reports, law enforcement and security, and even fleet management. As these technologies become ever more present, there exists a needs for that kind of evidence to be interpreted, analyzed and presented properly, in all manner of dispute resolution forums. Our experience with the analysis of some of the leading video data names in industry helps us interpret video evidence properly, and effectively.


GPS Technology Analysis

As GPS Technology has become ever more available to consumers, since it was first introduced by the US Air Force, personalized devices have become commonplace. While most people think that a GPS Device is used for finding your way to a particular place, vehicle tracking and recovery have become a large component of the GPS Consumer arena. As many insurers have started insisting on these devices being installed as a condition of cover, the use of so-called “Tracker Reports” for the determination of speed has become regular theme in crash trials. Whenever you are confronted by any allegation based on “GPS Tracker Reports,” you should engage us to review the evidence carefully.


Expert Report Reviews

In many, if not most, major civil cases, criminal cases, and insurance repudiation cases, we are often approached to review an “Expert Report” compiled against our clients. In these reports, experts would typically approach the problem (the analysis of the collision), based on their particular skills, qualifications, and experience. Sometimes, even experts get things wrong, and at other times they might even become slaves to a well-paying master. In those cases, we are capable of reviewing the expert report and commenting on the contents, wherever we differ. This might make the difference between a win and a loss, a conviction or a dismissal. Engage us as soon as experts get involved!


Tactical Route Risk Assessments

As anyone operating a fleet of vehicles – especially a commercial fleet – will know, every trip is fraught with risks. Whether the risks include collisions, road structure failures, pedestrian or animal movements, nighttime challenges, unlawful conduct like hijackings or protect action or even theft of- or from vehicles, these risks need to be mitigated. For years, we have been providing Tactical Videographic Route Risk Assessment Services. Our Route Risk Assessments are based on driver safety, road safety, product safety, and criminal risks. Each route is physically driven, and each risk categorized and clearly expressed, in our reports.


Expert Testimony

As experts in crash analysis and reconstruction, we are not like “lawyers.” We do not “argue for a client” and we do not “represent” either side in a legal matter. As experts, we are essentially there to assist the court and to interpret evidence that requires knowledge, skills, and experience that goes beyond that of the common person. Sometimes courts may disagree with our interpretation of evidence, but we prefer to address all the evidence of relevance rather than to focus on the “win.” DEspite this, we have an exemplary track record!



We appreciate that Road Traffic Collision Investigation and Reconstruction is still an emerging field, in Africa. We also acknowledge that there are many countries where this field is yet to develop. It is our belief that any person in any country that has a high crash rate, could benefit from additional information, education, and training, in Crash Investigation. For this reason, we provide online and in-person training in several disciplines associated with crash investigation, evidence collection, and analysis. Reach out to learn more about our courses.


Public Speaking

With experience speaking at international crash conferences, on radio and television, and at corporate events, we always welcome these opportunities. Road Safety, Risk Mitigation and Fleet Management are the fields in which almost anyone – from private individuals to major fleet owners – can grow, expand their knowledge, and benefit from training. If you have special training needs, please reach out to allow us to interpret your needs, develop training that suits your operating environment, and deliver it in an engaging and enjoyable manner.


Live Appearances

After years of appearing on local and international pre-recorded or live television talk shows, news reports, actuality programs, and radio programs, we have become a popular feature, enjoyed by thousands.  Our field of study is engaging, our range of experience vast, our insight inspirational, and our advice well received and after requested. If you would like us to appear on yr show or feature, please reach out and invite us. We would gladly consider making a positive contribution, in person or remotely.

Authoring of articles

Since as early as 2002, we have been featured and published widely. Having authored stand-alone articles on all aspects of our scope of expertise, and having authored regular features, we are always happy to generate more content for a variety of audiences. If you would like our leading opinion on anything relating to any of our fields of expertise, please reach out and supply a brief. Wherever possible, we would gladly provide you with content, feedback, or answers to your questions.

Public Safety Software Sales, Training, and Support

We have been engaged as Beta Software Product Testers for a variety of Crash- and Crime Analysis, Drawing, Modeling, and Animation programs. From the likes of Visual Statement to VistaFx, ARAS 360 to FARO HD and now the FARO Family of dedicated crash and crime analysis solutions, we have also started to explore the sale of software, support, and training for our local and international clients. Please reach out to learn more.

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