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Active Shooter on Foot


LE received a disturbance call of an active shooter on foot. Officers were told that the individual pointed a gun at someone and was firing the gun outside of a business. LE made contact and started to issue commands. The individual then discharged a round into the air, and then tucked the pistol underneath his armpit and continue to walk away from LE. The individual then reached for the gun, and that is when LE engaged the individual. Aid was rendered. No LE was injured. The individual was charged with Deadly Conduct, Criminal Mischief, Possession of Methamphetamine, and Discharge of a Firearm in Certain Municipalities.

Training Points:

  1. Communication when responding to hot calls can become overwhelming with information from dispatch, responding LE, on scene LE, etc. Keep transmissions short and direct utilizing plain talk. When it’s time to work stay off the radio and work.
  2. Officers showed restraint when the individual cracked a roundoff into the air. This is one of those judgement calls: no cover, no advantage, basically an old fashion duel; which is not ideal. Situation dictates response. Fortunately, no one but the suspect was injured.
  3. Weapon lights on a duty weapon is a must. White light is a beautiful thing. A quality handheld is also a must for everyone especially those on nights. @clouddefensive makes an amazing duty light (and no I am not paid to say that).
  4. Be well rounded. Every incident encompasses multiple disciplines. Stay effective.

Why the Passenger Side Approach on Traffic Stops is Crucial


In today’s video, we’re discussing an incident that emphasizes the importance of the passenger side approach during traffic stops. Recently, a 17-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle at a whopping 120 mph and almost struck an officer. Luckily, only minor injuries were sustained. 

This is just another example of why officers need to stay vigilant and take precautions during every traffic stop. By approaching from the passenger side, officers can better assess the situation and avoid potential dangers. 

So, if you’re an officer or aspiring to be one, make sure to keep this best practice in mind. Stay safe out there, and don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more valuable content. Thanks for watching!


Officers were conducting a DUI investigation when an individual, not involved in the investigation, approached law-enforcement with a 5ft steel bar while swearing at the officers.

The individual ignored Officers commands to put down the steel bar. Two Officer drew their tasers while the other officer drew his firearm. The individual advance towards the officers in an aggressive and threatening manner.  4 shots were fired. Three of the four bullets struck the individual (Inner thigh of his right leg, his left hip and his left upper torso.) Simultaneously, another Officer fired her taser. The taser probes hit the individual, but embedded in the individuals clothing and did not penetrate his skin. No Officers or innocent citizens were injured.

Training Points:

1.  Stay Vigilant: this profession is not cut and dry. Staying vigilant allows for increased Officer safety. It’s easy to get sucked into a situation, paper work, an investigation, cell phones, etc as our brain can only process so information at one time. Make it a habit to be mindful of your surroundings; if you have backup great that’s more eyes and ears available; if not position yourself in a optimal environment/area within that situation, if you need to create space, utilize cover, etc you will be able to do so effectively. Taking preventative measures can be beneficial.

2.  Weapons are not just guns and knives. A 5ft steel bar with malicious intent behind it is definitely a deadly force object. As a close proximity object, controlling space and addressing with necessary and reasonable force is key. environment dictates

3.  Communication between officers: situations like this deadly force coverage is a must. It can be beneficial to utilize less lethal if the opportunity presents itself, equipment is available and is a multiple officer response. Single officer response is deadly force coverage, no exceptions. 

4.  Calm is contagious: Direct and calm radio transmissions is beneficial for not only dispatch but also responding units.