Our Associations and Affiliations

Throughout my years of operation, I have established meaningful relationships with various organizations, entities, and individuals. This page serves to recognize and appreciate their contributions to my growth, education, and development. I would like to emphasize that inclusion on this page does not imply any form of endorsement, exclusive association, or marketing on their behalf.

I extend my gratitude to each of them for their efforts and commitment to their respective fields, as well as for their cooperation and support in my endeavors. It is with great appreciation that I recognize their valuable contributions to society.

In Memory

Theasen Pillay

It is with a very sad heart that I had to move Theasen from our “Partners in Service” section of this page to our “In Memory” section. Today (May 7th, 2021), we received the very sad news that Theasen was no longer with us. Always full of smiles, energy, and passion, we had great aspirations for a long future, working together. Even the last time we spoke, there was no indication of trouble, issues, or unhappiness. His passing leaves a gaping hole in the Legal Fraternity, in our hearts and in those of his close family and friends – the very many he had! Rest in peace, my brother. I never knew your pain, but I assure you, we will meet again! Friends forever!

Howard Dembovsky

Howard is remembered for his work with Justice Project South Africa. Always committed to justice, passionate about confronting corruption and never inclined to shy away from confrontation, where it was needed, he was always a phone call away. With Howard’s passing in 2021, due to sudden illness, a gaping hole is left in the hearts and minds of all who remembered him, as we do. Gone, but certainly not forgotten.

Paul Sutton

Anyone who knows Paul will remember him as the always-smiling, always-singing, always-helping, loving, and caring soul he was. He also succumbed to a sudden medical illness and his work at ER24, and the Medical Services in general will never be forgotten. While his family mourns his passing, the many lives that he saved will never ever be forgotten. Rest well, brother.

Mike Kennedy

We first contacted Mike during our short stay in Canada between 1999 and 2000. Always stern, to the point, and focused on the projects in front of him, Mike was not always easy to deal with, but definitely always willing to help, support, and acknowledge passion and commitment. We followed Mike from 2000 to 2020, and his sudden passing was a true shock. He motivated us, supported us, trained us, and helped us aspire to be greater. Rest well, Mike. You deserve it.

Alan Tucker

Our first interactions were in the midst of a turf war between various services, resulting in us even bumping heads in court, but in the end, we connected and became friends. Alan was one of those people who “lived large.” It was his passion for adrenaline and action that everyone surely remembers him for. Alan was also very active in the Emergency Medical Fraternity, and intimately involved with training and education, right to the end.

Mike Smith

Mike was the perfect example of a reserved and kind soul, always willing to assist, support, and endorse anything he believed in. Mike attended many of my courses, and always quietly observed, absorbed, and applied what he learned. A very active Paramedic, Mike passed away after a freak accident during his time enjoying another of his passions: Paintball. Mike will be remembered as a star student, enthusiastic volunteer, and great friend. Rest well, buddy. You’ve left a large imprint on many hearts.

Our Partners in service

Arrive Alive

The construction of the website www.arrivealive.co.za has been inspired by the efforts worldwide to promote road safety and the need for public awareness. The power of the internet as an educational tool cannot be disputed and the creation of a high-quality information portal will complement the sterling work that has been done by the Ministry of Transport to date. It is not the intention of the developers to divert any attention away from the Arrive Alive campaign or to pass it off as the official Arrive Alive website, but rather to enhance and provide more information on these and other international efforts to improve road safety. 

Truck and Freight

Road and Freight Transport is essential to the economy and lives of millions. Information on this portal will seek to share information with fleet managers, truck owners, drivers, and everyone with an interest in the safe and effective transport of freight transport via trucks daily.

William Booth, Criminal Defense Attorney

William Booth is a highly respected and experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Cape Town, South Africa. He is Chairman of the Law Society of South Africa’s Criminal Law Committee and serves on the Legal Aid Committee. He is listed under Best Lawyers in South Africa 2019 in the category Criminal Defense. Assisted by a team of experienced Attorneys and Paralegals they offer a full range of services covering all aspects of criminal law.

Stanford Law Offices SC – Peter Stanford

Peter Stanford is published and has been cited by the United States Supreme Court. In addition, to handle all his clients’ needs, he is licensed in the following courts: Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri state courts, The Eastern District of Wisconsin, The Western District of Wisconsin, The Southern District of Illinois, The Eastern District of Missouri, and The Seventh and Eighth Circuit Courts of Appeals.

Luker Forensic Engineering – Craig Luker P.E.

We use our extensive experience and the latest technology available to provide our clients with a far deeper understanding of the collision in question. In civil cases, we work for plaintiffs and defendants and in criminal cases, we work for Crown Counsel and defendants. Our reports and reputation are always respected by opposing counsel, making it easier for you to reach a resolution.

Great Lakes Collision Experts – Daniel Billington

Great Lakes Forensic Experts, LLC is the full-service collision reconstruction company you need.  Our proven track record of honest, objective analysis brings our experts respect in both the legal and law enforcement community. While some firms only provide you with a brief overview of a collision analysis, Great Lakes Forensic Experts goes the extra mile to answer the hard questions.  With our company, your case is in good and capable hands! 

CrashGuys South Africa

We initially created Crash Guys International with a view towards establishing Crash Guys as a franchise-based entity with an international reach. One franchise was successfully purchased and currently operates within the Piet Retief-area, in Mpumalanga South Africa. As our partners in at-scene and post-event evidence preservation, they would collect the primary evidence in cases in their area or refer to us for the reconstruction and analysis of collision cases. We consider them an extension of our own service, in that region.

Collision and Commercial Investigations

A partner, using us for their advanced crash reconstruction services, Collision & Commercial Investigations (CCI) is a 100% black-owned business established in 2008, specializing in the prevention, detection, and investigation of economic and other offenses, and offers a range of professional services. Their operations are based in Pretoria, Gauteng, with a reach that extends across South Africa and its neighbouring countries. They take pride in the quality of Their services and continue to maintain expeditious timeframes at competitive rates.

Blackwater Private Military Fugitive recovery

With professional recovery agents, working around South Africa & neighbouring countries, we will trace & recover your assets. All our agents are professionally trained, and adhere to the strictest rules, and must adhere to the laws of the country where the recovery takes place. Our agents do however have contacts in various Law Enforcement units and would the return of your goods not be delayed.

Grudko Associates

Grudko Associates was established in 1980. We operate in South Africa and cover Sandton, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban. We also serve Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho and Namibia. We are registered as a security service provider by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, registration number 8642. Our head office is situated central to both Johannesburg and Pretoria, covering the Central Business District of Sandton, with administration branches in Cape Town and Durban.

Victory Security Africa Group

Victory Security Group Africa established in 2002, is a High-Profile Security Consultant Firm offering a wide range of unique and creative security services and solutions to their vast clients. We are leading in people development, organizational development, executive selection, and Security Advisory Services in Africa. We provide services including Highly Trained Security Staff, High-Level Security Management Training Programmes, Company Strategies in Counter-Terrorism, Risk and Security Management Solutions.

SATAC – South African Terrorism Analysis Centre

The South African Terrorism Analysis Centre is focused on protecting people and values against Terrorism. Our founders and key people are security professionals either based in South Africa or closely linked to the country, southern Africa, and their issues. The SATAC network comprises specialists drawn from a variety of domains including counter-terrorism, security, military and police intelligence, psychology, data analytics, information science, academics, etc.

Our Colleagues in service

Eagle Towing Services

For a considerable period, Eagle Towing Services has been my preferred partner, providing me with unrestricted access to their wreck yard. They have towed vehicles to various locations for my training purposes and have graciously appeared in my training videos. Their willingness to assist me with moving wrecks at scenes and examinations has been highly appreciated. I have had an excellent working relationship, and they have always been accommodating when we meet on active scenes. I consider Eagle Towing Services as my valued colleagues in service.

Van Wettens Towing Service

Given that a significant proportion of my crash investigations involve heavy commercial vehicles, it has become customary for me to engage with Van Wettens on a regular basis. I can attest to their unwavering willingness to extend themselves beyond the call of duty. Recently, Van Wettens expended over 3 hours relocating a wreck to their premises to enable me to conduct a thorough investigation. I commend them for their prompt and unobstructed assistance, as well as their readiness to provide me with vital information, photographic evidence, and details of vehicle location.

Car Towing Services

I have established a longstanding cooperative relationship with Car Towing Services over the years. Despite the delays that may occur during my investigations, they have consistently demonstrated patience and a willingness to collaborate with me at scenes. I appreciate their efforts to share relevant information, photographs, and details, as well as their assistance in securing scenes while awaiting my arrival. My working relationship with them has been professional and mutually beneficial, as we share a common interest in serving our clients to the best of our abilities.

SA Paramedic Services

South African Paramedic Services was founded in 1999 as a sister company to Western Cape Paramedic Services (WCPS), a private ambulance company that has grown to become a prominent player in the local emergency services industry and a substantial presence throughout the country. South African Paramedic Services is also a member of the South African Private Ambulance and Emergency Services Association (SAPAESA), which is responsible for ensuring that industry standards are met.

Hartbeespoort Emergency Medical Service

HEMS is a prominent ambulance service in my locality, with whom I have worked closely since 2011. They have consistently demonstrated their readiness to respond to calls and cases, and have been generous in their willingness to assist me with my own needs. I regard them as the most dependable local service providers I know of. They have always been amenable to exchanging details or photographs with me, accommodating my needs for evidence preservation at scenes, and maintaining a friendly and cooperative attitude towards me. As such, I consider HEMS to be my valued allies in the emergency medical services industry.

Netcare 911

Netcare 911, one of the largest medical emergency services and hospital chains in South Africa, has been a longstanding partner, having worked with me at live crime and crash scenes since 2000. Their team has consistently demonstrated a willingness to exchange information, accident data, patient transport details, and photographs, and has provided me with valuable endorsements from the very beginning. I consider Netcare 911 to be one of my most trusted allies in the industry and I wholeheartedly endorse their organization.


I am pleased to confirm my positive relationship with ER24, a significant entity in the Emergency Medical Care Industry. Over the years, I have worked closely with ER24 on several projects, events, and scenes, and I can attest to the cooperative and friendly nature of their personnel. Many of their crew members have become personal friends of mine, and I value my continued association with them. Since my collaboration in Cape Town in 2004, I have enjoyed a familial relationship with ER24’s crews. I remain supportive of all their efforts and extend my well wishes for their continued success.

Government Departments

Departments of Transport, Safety and Security, and Justice

As the first private crash investigation response service became possible following the endorsement of the Director-General of Transport from the South African Government. Subsequently, the Department of Safety and Security officially recognized me as an emergency service for the first time, which paved the way for further progress. As a result, I have been able to provide my services to the Department of Justice as expert witnesses for criminal prosecution.

The South African Police Service

Not only did we receive multiple endorsements from the South African Police Service, over time, but we can also thank the SAPS for their cooperation, support, assistance, and for accepting us as Reservists, to help train members on the ground level. As a Specialist Reservist (Class C) and as an Administrative Reservist (Class D), we were able to contribute directly to community safety and security, to road safety, and to stability, in general. It was an honor to have served alongside many fine law enforcement officers.

Road Traffic Management Corporation

When the Road Traffic Management started to operate in earnest, in South Africa, we were one of their very first chosen contractors. Appointed to investigate the most highest profile and serious cases in South Africa, our appointment was soon followed by a tender for private contractors. We remained on their panel of experts for several years, investigating and reconstructing cases that typically involved more than 5 fatalities. It was through this contract that we were able to grow and advance ourselves to where we are today.

The Road Accident Fund of South Africa

When the Road Accident Fund of South Africa launched “Project LUFT,” we were selected as the first contractors. Mandated and Contracted to attend every single collision in the greater Gqebera (former Port Elizabeth) region, we achieved our greatest successes. Under this contract, our records included 16 crash cases attended in a single night, 36 in one weekend, and 204 in one single month. This was the contract that cemented our position in the industry, helped us develop our protocols, and that established us in our market.

Tshwane Metro Police

During our early years in industry, it was the members of the Collision unit of the Tshwane Metro Police Service in Pretoria South Africa that first extended a hand of cooperation. Through coordinated efforts, exchange of information and techniques, and by their endorsement of our services, we were able to develop our protocols further, to ensure that we get enough exposure to matters that fall outside of our own area of operation, and to cement a long-standing respect between us.

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