Frequently Asked Questions

In order to commence with the appointment, I require access to the evidence that you have available for our review.

Following my assessment of the evidence, I will determine whether I possess the necessary expertise and resources to assist you with your matter. Should I determine that I can assist, I will provide you with a detailed quotation for my services. If you accept the quotation, I will issue an invoice for the agreed-upon amount.

Please note that I will only commence with my work once I receive payment of the invoice. The scope of my work may entail various activities, such as requesting additional information, visiting the scene, examining vehicles, interviewing witnesses, and other necessary steps, all depending on the specific requirements outlined in the quotation.

Individuals may not fully understand the importance of retaining the services of an expert until the brink of the court proceedings. It is our duty to inform you that evidence in a legal matter is often time-sensitive and may not wait for the parties involved. The lack of critical evidence may impact the accuracy and completeness of our work and reports.

Therefore, it is imperative that you reach out to me immediately following your collision or as soon as possible. This will allow me to gather all the necessary evidence relevant to your case in anticipation of a possible court proceeding.

I understand that investigation fees and billing can be a cause of concern for many clients. As such, I would like to inform you that I don’t rely on per-hour, per-mile, or per-page billing. Instead, I use these metrics as a starting point to determine the cost of your case based on its complexity, the number of vehicles involved, anticipated travel, and tasks that may need to be completed.

I offer discounts to regular clients, those who make early payments, and member organizations. I value my clients and strives to provide quality services at a reasonable price.

To help you understand the cost of your case, I offer a free initial consultation where I can provide an estimate of my fees.

As a Expert, it is incumbent upon I to adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism. In that vein, I must address the issue of pro bono cases and the notion that my compensation is contingent upon the outcome of the case.

It is my duty to conduct ourselves as impartial and objective experts, solely focused on advancing the interests of justice and serving the court. Any suggestion that our compensation is tied to a “win” or “loss” outcome raises serious concerns about bias, and could compromise our ability to fulfill my duties in an objective manner.

I must emphasize that my role in pro bono cases is not that of an advocate or litigator. Rather, my primary function is to analyze and interpret evidence, and to present my findings in a clear and compelling manner to the court. I am committed to providing the highest level of expertise and professionalism in all my pro bono engagements, consistent with my obligations as officer of the court.

As a expert, I am bound by the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional responsibility. It is imperative that I address the issue of pro bono cases and the potential contingency of our compensation on the case outcome.

I owe a duty to the court to maintain impartiality and objectivity in all our engagements. Any insinuation that my compensation is tied to a favorable outcome raises serious concerns about bias, and may undermine my ability to serve the court in a neutral capacity.

It is important to note that my involvement in pro bono cases is not that of an advocate or litigator. Rather, my role is focused on the analysis and interpretation of evidence, and the presentation of our findings to the court in a clear and compelling manner. I am committed to providing the highest level of expertise and professionalism in all my pro bono engagements, consistent with our obligations as officer of the court.

As an Expert, I am held to the highest ethical and professional standards, and must uphold my duty to the court by maintaining impartiality and objectivity in all of my engagements. With regard to pro bono cases, it is imperative that I address the issue of contingency fees and their potential impact on my neutrality.

My compensation must not be contingent on the outcome of the case, as any suggestion of such a tie may raise concerns of bias and compromise my ability to serve the court as impartial experts.

It should be noted that my role in pro bono cases is not that of an advocate or litigator. Rather, I am tasked with analyzing and interpreting evidence, and presenting my findings in a clear and compelling manner to the court. I am fully committed to providing the highest level of expertise and professionalism in all of my pro bono engagements, consistent with our obligations as officer of the court.

As a Expert, it is essential that I have access to all pertinent evidence in any case to which I am appointed. Prior to engaging in any matter, I typically require all reports, photographs, videos, measurements, sketches, drawings, plans, and any other relevant materials.

During my initial consultation or engagement, I will discuss the specifics of the case and outline my requirements for evidence. I strongly prefer unaltered, original, and digital copies of any electronic evidence, photographs, videos, and other relevant documentation.

My commitment to obtaining and reviewing all relevant evidence in a case is essential to my ability to provide competent representation and serve the best interests of my clients. I am dedicated to ensuring that I have all necessary information to present a strong and effective case in any matter my undertake.

I do offer consultation services to legal professionals such as lawyers, advocates, prosecutors, and clients. My extensive experience in handling both civil and criminal matters enables me to provide valuable insights into the legal dynamics that are likely to prevail in most cases. Additionally, I can provide suggestions on your options and consult with your legal representative before, during, and after trial.

Please note that my consultation services are designed to complement and dovetail with the legal representation you receive from a licensed attorney. I am not a substitute for legal advice and my services should not be construed as such.

At this time, I do not offer Private Investigation Services. However, I specialize in Collision Dynamics Investigation, which involves the analysis of interactions between individuals and their environment, and is conducted with the full knowledge and understanding of all parties involved. It is worth noting that Private Investigation Services typically involve the investigation of individuals without their knowledge, whereas my approach is transparent and collaborative. If you require Private Investigation Services, I recommend visiting my partners page for suitable recommendations.

My engagement process encompasses various stages of interaction prior to the submission of my final report. The duration of this process can range from a brief period of a day or two to a more protracted duration as in criminal trials. Clients may experience some delays during the process, particularly in sourcing and securing evidence, photographs, or information.

Upon receipt of all necessary evidence, I conduct an assessment to ensure that all relevant information is complete and adequate for our investigation to proceed. My report is then promptly prepared and made available within a few hours or up to a maximum of 3-5 days, depending on the complexity of the matter at hand.

Certainly, I am capable of producing highly effective reports for cases that are as old as ten years, as long as sufficient and relevant evidence is available. It is important to note that the availability and adequacy of evidence are critical factors in the completion of our investigations.

Conversely, a case that occurred only two days ago, but lacking any evidence, would not be feasible for me to complete at all. Thus, the quality and quantity of available evidence play a crucial role in my ability to deliver comprehensive and insightful reports, regardless of the age of the case.

In the event that I evaluate the evidence in your case and find it to be overwhelmingly unfavorable to your interests, I will provide you with clear and honest feedback. It is important to note that my primary objective is to conduct an impartial analysis and provide testimony based solely on the evidence presented in the matter.

While you may believe that all evidence is working against you, I encourage you to allow me to review your case and reach an independent conclusion. I have encountered many cases that initially appear unfavorable but reveal a more nuanced and favorable outcome upon proper interpretation of the evidence. Therefore, I remain committed to providing objective and insightful analysis, regardless of the initial outlook of the case.

Absolutely, I regularly provide my services to both the prosecution and defense in various cases. Despite my previous experience as reservists in the South African Police Service, I maintain an unwavering commitment to impartiality and objectivity in all my engagements.

It is essential to note that my analysis is not influenced by my relationship with any party involved in the case, and I do not consider who is on the “opposite side.” Instead, I evaluate each case based on its merits and apply my extensive knowledge, skills, and experience accordingly.

My approach ensures that I deliver professional and reliable services to all clients, regardless of their position or affiliation. I pride myself on my ability to provide unbiased and comprehensive analysis that supports fair and just outcomes in all cases.

Indeed, I have had the opportunity to work with insurance service providers in the past. However, I have observed that insurance providers tend to opt for service providers who charge lower fees, even if the quality of the report delivered is compromised.

I take great pride in delivering thorough and detailed reports that are based on extensive research and analysis. I do not compromise on the quality of my work, and I decline requests for lower fees for less work. I believe that such requests often result in reports of inadequate quality, which can lead to improper insurance claim repudiations.

My unwavering commitment to producing high-quality reports ensures that my clients receive accurate and reliable information, which is critical in making informed decisions. Therefore, I remain committed to maintaining my standards and providing comprehensive reports, even if it means declining requests for lower fees.


No, speed is not always the determining factor in every case I investigate. While some individuals may erroneously believe that speed is the ultimate factor in determining liability, I recognize that the dynamics of each collision case must be evaluated individually.

For example, if a person is traveling at 100 Km/h on a 120 Km/h highway and collides with a cow, the speed may result in significant damages, but it may not necessarily be a factor in determining liability. In such cases, I focus on interpreting and analyzing the physical evidence and dynamics of the collision to identify the primary factors that contributed to the incident.

My approach is to let the physical evidence and dynamics of the collision dictate our area of focus. I prioritize a thorough investigation and analysis of all relevant factors to ensure that my reports are comprehensive, accurate, and reliable. My commitment to delivering high-quality reports based on a detailed analysis of the specific circumstances of each case sets me apart and enables me to provide my clients with invaluable insights and evidence.

In the international arena, it is not uncommon to encounter expert witnesses who operate with an undue focus on winning cases, often to the point of behaving like attorneys. Additionally, some experts may work exclusively for a single service provider, such as an insurance company. If an expert is consistently engaged by one client, there is a risk that their objectivity may be compromised, as they may feel obliged to cater to the needs of that client to maintain their position. This type of behavior can lead to the expert being labeled a “hired gun.”

I prioritize objectivity and professionalism above all else. I believe that my role as experts is to provide impartial analysis and testimony based solely on the facts and evidence of each case. I maintain a rigorous focus on objectivity and ensure that my analysis is based on solid scientific principles and methods. I have worked for a wide range of clients across various industries and maintain our independence by approaching each engagement with an open mind and a commitment to rigorous analysis.

No, I do not bring people along to the scenes of my investigations. I operate as an administrative service that values the confidentiality of my assignments. My clients depend on my discretion, and it would be considered inappropriate to bring individuals to scenes of investigation.

No, I do not provide sample reports as I consider my methods, processes, and procedures proprietary, and I value the confidentiality of my clients. Moreover, providing sample reports would not accurately represent the merits or specifics of future cases.

I understand that determining the feasibility of a case is of utmost importance to my clients, and I strive to provide clarity on this matter during my initial consultation. In cases where I receive all the available evidence and find that I am unable to assist, I do not provide estimates or engage in work that lacks merits. I value my clients’ time and resources and prefer to focus on cases where my expertise can make a meaningful impact.

My reports are not merely pieces of paper. I bill for the time and effort expended on each report, regardless of its length or complexity. The value that my reports add to your case is a byproduct of the quality of my work, not a determinant of my fees. Please refer to my policy on contingency and pro bono work for further information.

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