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We are very proud that our training has reached all the corners of the globe, over the years. This map is an indication of where our biggest supporters are located, where most students engaged in our training, or where we have provided training. We consider this a huge feather in our cap, and a graphic illustration of the popularity of our training, and our dedication towards empowering others!

Online Training

In response to the growing demand for online training, I am proud to offer my courses through Udemy. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more individuals are seeking ways to improve their skills and advance their careers remotely. With Udemy, learners can access over 130,000 online video courses taught by 57,000 expert instructors.

Udemy‘s platform offers an engaging learning experience that includes video lessons, text notes, and assessment tests, arranged into modules and lessons. The platform also provides functional features like closed captioning and note-taking capabilities.

With a mobile app available, learners can view classes offline and listen to lectures on the move in podcast mode. Additionally, courses can be accessed through Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

Udemy has more than 35 million users from over 180 countries, learning in over 65 languages. Thousands of enterprise customers also use Udemy for employee training.

I am confident in the validity and wide acceptance of Udemy certifications. My courses offer the latest knowledge and skills taught by real-life practitioners who are experts in their field. If you are interested in learning more about my courses on Udemy, please visit my page on the platform.

Forensic Crash Investigation according to the IBF Protocol

Stanley Bezuidenhout is a distinguished Road Traffic Reconstructionist and Risk Analyst, who operates under IBF Investigations, a company with a presence in South Africa, the rest of Africa, and the USA. With over two decades of experience in investigating thousands of scenes locally and internationally, Stan has become a trailblazer and expert in his field.

As a forward-thinking individual, Stan has devised a unique 124-point protocol for conducting comprehensive and meticulous investigations of road traffic collisions, both at the scene and post-incident. This protocol has been lauded by the judiciary, clients, and colleagues for its effectiveness. In this course, Stan shares the most critical components of his protocol, empowering you to be a knowledgeable investigator, and collect All the Evidence.

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