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Over the scope of our existence, we have been widely exposed, and we have attended to a number of very high-profile cases. We often have people asking if we have “interesting stories to exchange,” or if they’ve met us before – recognizing us from our television appearances. Here, we felt it was a good idea to share some of our adventures, experiences, and cases, along with some of our television appearances and newspaper articles. We hope this informed and educates.

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By approximately 01h00 on the morning of 17 December 2005, this bus was traveling South on the R26 after passing Hobhouse in the Freestate. When the vehicle approached the intersection between the R26 (coming from Hobhouse), the R702 (West, towards Bloemfontein), and the continuance of the R26 (East, towards Wepener), the vehicle executed an emergency right turn, crashing through concrete barriers and plunging approximated 5m into a river below.

Nineteen people were declared deceased at the scene while a twentieth was removed from the scene and later brought back after dying in an ambulance. A total of 63 people were taken to hospital, while 18 were admitted and the rest immediately discharged.

Vehicle A was traveling from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. Vehicle B was returning to Port Elizabeth. We confirmed that there were three (3) people all of German origin in Vehicle A and nine (9) South African people in Vehicle B. 

We found that Vehicle A was traveling West on the N2, at approximately 130 Km/h. Vehicle B was traveling East on the N2, at approximately 127 Km/h. Vehicle A applied brakes for an unknown reason and swerved across into the oncoming lane (of Vehicle B). Vehicle A thereby reduced speed to approximately 111 Km/h. Vehicle B maintained a constant speed. The vehicles collided at the calculated speed.

Vehicle A was traveling South on Main Road, speed unconfirmed. Vehicle B was traveling North on Main Road, speed unconfirmed. Vehicle C approached the stop street from the West, where Saunders Road joins Main Road. Vehicle C failed to heed the stop sign and crossed onto Main Road. Vehicle C impacted with the left side of Vehicle A. Vehicle A lost control and veered across into the lane of oncoming traffic. Vehicle A impacted with Vehicle B.

From available records, there were twenty-one (21)  people on board the bus, twenty-five (25) in the Taxi, and two (2) in the Camry. Vehicle B had eight (8) occupants that were deceased, including passengers and Driver

Vehicle A negotiated the pass leading into Franschhoek safely. Vehicle A exited the pass safely, after having negotiated two hairpin bends safely. 

As per witness statements, the vehicle brakes had possibly failed. Vehicle A accelerated as it entered Franschhoek. The Driver lost control of Vehicle A. Vehicle A impacted with Vehicle B and C. 

There was one occupant in Vehicle A, Three occupants in Vehicle B, and 15 Occupants in Vehicle C. A total of 6 people passed away as a result of the collision.

Vehicle B was overtaken by another vehicle when Vehicle A ventured over the center divider line and came over into the lane of travel of that’ Vehicle. It needed to swerve to the left, away from danger, in order to prevent a collision. Vehicle A swerved back to his (correct) side of the road but went back over the center divider line again and headed directly for Vehicle B. Vehicle B swerved in the opposite direction in an attempt to allow Vehicle A to pass safely. The driver of Vehicle A  tried to swerve back to his (correct) side of the road resulting in a head-on collision.

In this matter, 5 people died as a result of the collision.

In this case, Vehicle A was traveling in a Northerly direction and Vehicle B was traveling in a Southerly direction on the R27. 

Vehicle B was driving on the wrong side of the road, without headlights, in the yellow (emergency) lane. Vehicle A swerved towards the right to prevent a collision, but Vehicle B also swerved to the right (it’s left). The vehicles impacted on the other side (Eastern) of the road

Seven people were killed and one seriously injured in Vehicle B. The driver and passenger of Vehicle A were uninjured.

The Driver and twenty-one (21) passengers from Vehicle B were deceased on the scene. The collision took place on the N4 between Matsulu and Komatipoort. 

Vehicle A was traveling in an Easterly direction on the N4, in the Right Hand Side Lane. At the same time, Vehicle B approached from behind Vehicle A in the same direction, and in the same lane. Vehicle A slowed down and/or stopped with a view towards turning Right, towards Coopersdal. Vehicle B approached and impacted the rear of Vehicle A. Vehicle B caught on fire immediately, causing the death of all its occupants

Vehicle A was traveling from Du Noon in the direction of Milnerton carrying five (5) passengers. Vehicle B (a sedan) was traveling from Wellington in the direction of Du Noon carrying twelve (12) passengers. A total of 10 people died in this collision – all from Vehicle B.

Vehicle A crossed over (intentionally or by influence) to the right-hand (opposite) side of the road. Vehicle B reacted to the approaching Vehicle A by attempting to steer away from the danger. Vehicle A reacted as well and swerved to the left (towards the correct side). Vehicle A and B collided on the left-hand (Approaching Vehicle B’s) side of the road.

In this matter, one truck was overtaking another, while a third was approaching from the opposite side. The first truck was driving at the speed limit and the second was trying to overtake but was unable to do so effectively because its speed was limited by a governing device. 

Although the road was wide enough for all three to pass by each other, the approaching truck failed to give way, and the overtaking truck failed to fall back. They collided head-on, involving all three vehicles.

In this collision, all the occupants of Vehicle A and B – 6 people – passed away.

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