As promised at the 2023 Road Freight Association Conference, in George, we are delighted to offer 100 FREE Seats for our course, valued at over R2,000.00 each.

This is for the course Forensic Crash Investigation according to the IBF Protocol.

This offer is only valid for ONE seat per registration and expired at the end of May 2023 or whenever 100 seats have been filled. ACT NOW to avoid disappointment.

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About this course

Through the online training, you will be able to receive your training with the following very specific enhancements and benefits:

  • Video Presentations based on real-world and classroom locations.
  • Visual and relevant examples, presentations, and resources.
  • The ability to direct questions, for clarification.
  • The ability to learn anywhere, anytime, and on any platform.
  • No need to travel – the training goes wherever you go.
  • Downloadable resources.
  • On-line certification.
  •  Immediate receipt of your certificate for your course.
  • The ability to go back and re-learn anything already covered.
  • The fact remains that online training is the future of education – especially as we have seen in 2020, under the continued influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With socio-political issues like lockdowns, service protests, class disruptions, and limited spaces in physical institutions, accompanied by the high cost of dedicated facilities, this is a learning platform that is explicitly designed to benefit all delegates.

Upon completion of this course, the following outcomes will be achieved by each successful candidate:

  • Consider, select, and purchase basic equipment needed for crash investigation.
  • Understand when, how, and why to mark the position of vehicles on crash scenes.
  • Photograph crash scenes under a variety of conditions, using camera features.
  • Receive an emergency call or make one and optimize information exchange.
  • Collect the correct information from drivers, witnesses, passengers, and victims.
  • Arrive, properly introduce themselves, gain access, and proceed with the investigation.
  • Interact with emergency services present and work around them without interference.
  • Photograph vehicular evidence, covering the most important aspects of each type.
  • Gather additional photographic evidence at- of- and around the scene and area.

Any person who is involved in, who might be interested in, who must manage, or who is exposed to road traffic collisions – in a personal, official, technical, operational, or legal capacity – could benefit from this training. Whether you are preparing to report a crash to the police, claim against a third party, defend yourself against a claim, contribute to a criminal or civil trial, cross-examine a witness, or consider evidence, this course is an excellent foundation.

  • The course could benefit:
  • Police, Sheriff, Trooper, METRO Police, and Traffic Officers.
  • Medical-, Fire- and Rescue Workers.
  • Insurance Loss Adjusters and Assessors.
  • Crash Reconstruction Specialists.
  • Collision Investigators.
  • Internal Investigators.
  • Transport Executives.
  • Private Investigators.
  • Depot Managers.
  • Fleet Managers.
  • Safety Officers.
  • Prosecutors and District Attorneys.
  • Magistrates and Judges.
  • Attorneys and Advocates.

While it is true that costs are directly affected by the number of students attending, the profile and schedule of the instructor, the cost of facilities, transport, accommodation, and often equipment or books all conspire to increase those costs, our online model ensures that your investment is directly linked to the actual information and education you receive while you can revisit and re-write as many times as you like, within the same cost of the course.

In addition – because you do not have to take time off work specifically because you don’t need to apply for leave, travel to a major center, book into a hotel, or hire a car to get to and from classes – you also do not have to attend classes only during office hours.

Online training also means that you can learn at your own pace, take as many or few breaks as you see fit, get all questions answered in confidence, and lose no productivity at work, while you are in a classroom environment.

Who this course is for:

  • Private Individuals.
  • Private Investigators.
  • Fleet Managers and Controllers.
  • Risk Managers and Executives.
  • Law Enforcement Officers.
  • Emergency Service Workers from all Units
  • Crash Investigation Specialists.
  • Crash investigation Experts.
  • Judges, Magistrates, Advocates, Lawyers, and District Attorneys.